Our philosophy

Family tradition since 1930 Appreciated for generations for its cuisine, the Stazione Restaurant offers you at low prices traditional dishes from Lombardy and Ticino and during the course of the year known for its gastronomic events.

Gastronomic weeks

From 1967 the idea was born to bring a piece of gastronomy from another region into the Stazione Restaurant. It started with the Vallesana Rassegna offering, raclette, fondue and other specialties from beyond the Alps. In 1982 the Valtellinese review was introduced, followed by the Austrian review, the 5 Terre, the Piedmont and finally the Sicilian.

For several years we regularly offer the following reviews:

Traditional dishes (January to March ) 

Spring (March to May)

Wild Season (end of September – end of December) 

Cheese Fondue (November – March)


The success of a good restaurant is certainly given by the selection of products and raw materials used in the preparation of the dishes. It is important to select raw materials of high quality with the origin certified by the producer.

Precisely for this reason we are always careful and thorough in the preparation of first courses, in selecting vegetables and fruits in season, and to guarantee to customers the origin of the meat that we sell, the primary product in our restaurant.

Allergy information


Ristorante Stazione
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Family tradition since 1930